Passionate Marketer & Designer dedicated to driving brand engagement.

An accomplished digital marketer with a decade-long career spanning diverse industries while working in multiple countries. My global exposure has given me a rich palette of experiences to draw innovative ideas from. Seven years ago, I founded my own Marketing Agency and since then, I’ve launched and led many successful projects, fuelled by my desire to create and innovate.
As both a marketer and designer, I’ve found a unique synergy that propels brands forward. The stories I craft as a marketer are given life through my design lens, turning them into compelling campaign with unforgettable visuals. These interconnected skills have helped catalyse the growth across multiple businesses, helping them remain imprinted in the the minds of their target audiences.


Data Analytics
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
E-Mail Marketing
Influencer Marketing


Graphic Design
Web Design
Visual Branding
Conversion Optimization
UX Design
Color Theory


Brand Strategy
Brand Story Telling
Brand Voice
Brand Awareness
Competitor Analysis
Customer Engagement


Market Research
Content Curation
Opportunity Analysis
Reputation Management
Strategic Planning
Project Management

My Projects

Leading innovative projects spanning eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Online Communities, and the Non-Profit Sector, I aim to transform digital landscapes by establishing impactful marketing strategies, enhancing online retail journeys, fostering vibrant online communities, and amplifying non-profit initiatives. With a focus on cultivating meaningful connections and delivering measurable results, I leverage the power of data analytics and customer insights to drive sustained growth in the digital space.


Digital marketing


Marketing Agency


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BrightKind Foundation



Positivity Blog

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In our increasingly digital world, strategic digital marketing has become the pivotal difference between success and failure. It has become the key driver in enhancing brand visibility, engaging audiences, and ultimately, ensuring business success.

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“The magic marketing formula is turning strangers into friends and friends into customers.”

Alex Taylor

“Every click is a vote of confidence in your brand's relevance.”

Alex Taylor

“People hate advertisements that interrupt what they're interested in; you have to become what they're interested in.”

Alex Taylor