Hello, I’m Alex.
Philanthropist & Marketer.

A Philanthropist & Marketer at heart, I leverage my expertise to amplify charitable causes, merging technology with generosity to drive positive societal change.

As an accomplished digital marketer, I use my skills to amplify brands, utilizing data-driven strategies to create compelling narratives and drive impactful campaigns. As a philanthropist, I funnel this proficiency into advocating for change and promoting initiatives that advance societal improvement.  Born with a curious mind, I continuously innovate, push conventional boundaries, and spend my free time exploring this world.


Promoting social change, my philanthropy seeks to empower and uplift communities in need.


Strategically navigating the digital landscape, I harness data to drive impactful marketing campaigns.


Embracing the thrill of discovery, I explore the world and chart new paths, fueled by curiosity and adventure.

You can find me on Instagram, , Dribbble, Pinterest, Behance and LinkedIn. If you need to message me, please fill out the form below. Thanks.