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A community built around a shared interest leads to a wealth of new knowledge for everyone.

JustJapan started as a humble personal blog, intended merely as a diary of my journey learning Japanese. Little did I know, it was destined for so much more. As I diligently documented my progress, I noticed a growing number of people following my journey, engaging with my posts, and sparking conversations in the comments section. The shared interest and enthusiasm were inspiring, and this unexpected community fuelled my study.

Motivated by the comments, I began sharing advice on how I was mastering Japanese so rapidly. This shift in content strategy quickly proved valuable to my audience, and subsequently, guides to learning Japanese were born. Recognizing the potential to further assist my readers, I ventured into affiliate marketing, sharing links to the resources that had been instrumental in my self-study journey. Each resource was personally vetted, ensuring my followers were only sent to products that could truly make a positive impact.

As the blog’s popularity grew, it became clear that a more robust platform was needed to facilitate the increasing levels of interaction. This led to the introduction of a forum, a space for language enthusiasts to discuss, debate, and assist one another. Over time, this vibrant forum evolved into a fully-fledged social media site, keeping the essence of the initial blog, but providing a far more dynamic and interactive experience. Today, JustJapan shows the power of shared passion, transforming from a simple blog into a thriving community of language learners and Japan enthusiasts.

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