Hello, I’m Alex.
Marketer & Designer.

A Marketer & Designer at heart, I use my artistic vision to uplift brands, integrating creativity with promotional strategies to shape positive market change.

As a seasoned digital marketer, I harness my expertise to elevate brands, employing data-driven tactics to create compelling narratives and drive impactful campaigns. As a designer with a passion, I craft captivating visuals that mirror a brand’s essence, translating abstract concepts into tangible brand identities that set clients apart and leave lasting impressions. With a drive for innovation, I continually test new marketing strategies while challenging existing norms, in my pursuit to master the art and science of branding.


Strategically navigating the digital landscape, I harness data to drive impactful marketing campaigns.


Bridging creativity with strategy, I craft visuals that amplify brand voices and drive engagement.


Embracing the thrill of discovery, I explore the world and chart new paths, fueled by curiosity and adventure.

You can find me on Instagram, , Dribbble, Pinterest, Behance and LinkedIn. If you need to message me, please fill out the form below. Thanks.