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Hi! I’m Alex. I love blogging, creative writing, and exploring the world.

As a natural born creator, I love materializing things on the web. Whether it be a vision for a new website, pouring my thoughts into a new article, or helping someone else bring their own ideas to life.

The web is an information sharing platform for us all to share what we have to offer with the world.

If you have something to share and would like some help, use the contact form here, email me, or work with me through WebGrowth, my Content Marketing Agency.

Otherwise, take a look around. This is the corner of the web I use to gather all my digital creations into one neat and organised space for others to see.

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A good product is nothing without good marketing. If you have something to sell but no one to sell it too, hire a Marketer. Hire me 😉



A well written speech can change the world, and a well written article can change an election. Not enough can be said about the power of words, but it's a tool can be used for good or evil.



I love capturing the beauty of the world. Whether it be a location, item or person… The right photo tells more than a story, it changes perceptions.



Writing is my passion and blogging provides me with a platform to share that passion with others. I love the reach the internet provides and the information exchange with readers across the world.

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